What is Operational Alpha?

What is Operational Alpha?

According to our Advisory Board Member, Paul Smith, it’s “The optimization of people, processes and technology to deliver timely and actionable data to the front, middle and back offices so that investment performance is maximized, running costs minimized, investors served with excellence and compliance and regulatory requirements met at all times.”

Paul will be giving a key note speech at a webinar on Operational Alpha being held on Friday March 26th. The event is arranged by Edelweiss Asset Services. Also present will be our Anna Stephenson, who will be joined on a panel by Baldwin Choy, Head of Hedge Funds and Family Offices for Bloomberg Hong Kong; Adam Fiore,  Principal of Pivotal Axis, Singapore; and Mohit Batra, Director of Edelweiss Investment Services, Singapore.

It’s something of a reunion – Baldwin is an alum of IPI’s hedge fund professional certification course and Adam was interviewed by Anna for a fireside chat in his previous role of COO of Flowering Tree Investment Management, a Singapore-based hedge fund. Learning from experienced professionals like Adam is a core part of the hedge fund certification curriculum, and a crucial differentiator from more basic hedge funds training. (During these pandemic times we are continuing to offer access to industry professionals through our Speaker Series events, which are also open to members of the IPI Career Network.)

During the event, we will be discussing why operational alpha is important, why hedge funds fail, how operational alpha can be gained, what role outsourcing plays, the interaction of technology and people, common challenges faced by start-up funds and more.   


If you’d like to join the event on Friday, please register here:



Look forward to seeing you then!