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Hedge Fund Fundamentals

Completion Time: 90 minutes

This course gives interns insights into the purpose, infrastructure, functions and roles in a hedge fund, and its interaction with service providers.


Regular Price: USD 88 per person

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Overview & Foundations of Family Offices

Completion Time: 2 hours

This introductory overview covers the characteristics of a family office, and key elements of its design and infrastructure. 


Regular Price: USD 266 per person


I recommend taking their courses!

“The Henley Hedge Fund course gave me a practical overview of each function of the Hedge Fund business. Combined with my hands-on experience, I'm now a COO!”

Teresa Lai

COO, Hedge Fund

Fantastic experience!

“An excellent primer on how family offices operate and practical approaches on managing some of the challenges in the industry - very useful!”

Vivek Nittala

Legal Counsel, Bitmex

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What is Private Equity?

Completion Time: 2.5 hours

This unit gives interns an overview of all things Private Equity fund-related, from sources of funding to the key investment stages, risk & return and more!


Regular Price: USD 266 per person

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How to Develop Negotiation Power

Completion Time: 3 hours 

Help your interns to learn the negotiation skills they'll need in the workforce, even when dealing with a counterpart who appears to hold all the cards.


Regular Price: USD 249 per person


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