In addition to the Henley Executive Hedge Fund Program, Private Equity Learning Pathway and Family Office Program, we also provide short courses under our "IPI Pro" brand.

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Our introductory hedge funds course 

Hedge Fund Fundamentals?

After working with numerous start-up and small hedge funds, we have put that knowledge into this introductory-level course which guarantees that any beginner or experienced individual gets a rounded understanding of how hedge funds operate. There are various courses out there that help individuals learn about hedge fund strategies, trading, and portfolio management. However, they don’t cover how the fund actually works. In this introductory hedge fund education, you will have the opportunity to learn and understand how a hedge fund is structured, popular strategies to be applied, what infrastructure is needed, who does what, and what can go wrong in this industry.

Course Curriculum

  • Characteristics of a Hedge Fund
  • Structure of a Hedge Fund
  • Popular Hedge Fund Strategies
  • Who Invests in Hedge Funds?
  • The Hedge Fund Ecosystem
  • Who Does What in a Hedge Fund?
  • Typical Technology Architecture
  • What Can Go Wrong?

Our career advice course 

How to Boost Your Career in Finance

Are you looking for a great career opportunity in the finance industry? Don’t know what to do next with the skills you have? Start building your edge against competitors and be at the top of your game. With this 90-minute online course, you can expand your horizons in the finance world. The best thing about this course is that it doesn’t only teach you how to find that perfect job. How to Boost Your Career in Finance Hedge fund certification course also teaches you to be open to building business models and using Linkedin to grow your network. Know more by registering today!

Course Curriculum

  • How to find a job
  • How to create a job
  • How to create a company
  • What to do if you’re in between jobs 
  • How to use LinkedIn offensively and defensively