Ripped From the Headlines: the Ripple Effect of a Margin Call


Hedge funds are back in the headlines as last week saw the dramatic fire sale of around $20 Billion of assets from an unknown seller. Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley began unloading enormous packages of stocks, mostly ViacomCBS and Chinese technology companies. Over the weekend, it became clear that these were assets of Archegos Capital, previously a “Tiger Cub” hedge fund that was turned into a Family Office in 2012 after the firm pleaded guilty to a criminal fraud charge. The sale was prompted by sell-offs in the companies in which Archegos had significant concentrated positions, amplified by Total Return Swaps.


Knock-on effects

There have been significant knock-on effects from the massive sales:

  • the brokers hedging Archegos’s positions have been forced to sell the underlying stocks, increasing the declines in the share prices of the stocks being sold off
  • there have been knock-on margin calls on other funds holding those stocks
  • massive losses for Credit Suisse and Nomura, as the fund's Prime Brokers
  • declines in the share price of Credit Suisse and Nomura, impacting their shareholders.
  • regulatory investigations into whether Archegos’s banks and brokers colluded inappropriately around deciding how to handle the crisis.


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