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How much can you lose by ticking the wrong box? In a classic “teachable moment” case, Citi has just set the bar at US$ 500 million.

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It’s not often that we see hedge funds getting blanket coverage over social media and mainstream media – but this week was an exception.

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Last week, we were excited to dial in to the Z Club Annual Performance Review Session.

What’s Z Club, we hear you ask?

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Welcome to 2021! We have a few things in store for this year, which make it a special one…

Alum Audra took the lessons she learnt in the Henley Executive Hedge Fund program and used them to start her own fashion company

Firstly, we are delighted to announce the appointment of Paul Smith, CFA, to the IPI Board of Advisors, and the expansion of our IPI education offerings with the introduction early next year of a “Managing and Servicing a Family Office” program.

The journey to creating the Henley Executive Hedge Fund Program began when the two founders were running a hedge fund administration company that specialized in start-up hedge funds. We found that most of the people who came to us saying they wanted to start their own fund knew an awful lot about how to manage money. But they knew very little about how to manage a company.

At IPI, we believe that academic study is a great foundation, but that learning from experienced practitioners brings a whole new perspective on a subject. 

Hedge funds are one of the fastest-growing professions, with assets under management increasing almost six-fold since the late 1990s. Despite this popularity, there are still many finance professionals who are uncertain about the mechanics of this industry. 
The Henley Executive Hedge Fund Program presents all the management knowledge necessary to run a leveraged investment company. Filled with ...