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NASA rocket launching

Today we are announcing that IPI has been accepted to join the new cohort of the SuperCharger Ventures EdTech Accelerator Program!

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A lot has changed in the last 15 months…and we've risen to the online challenge!

Red flags discussed in hedge fund course

He was sentenced to 150 years behind bars, guaranteeing that he would die in prison – and that’s what just happened.


Hedge funds are back in the headlines as last week saw the dramatic fire sale of around $20 Billion of assets from an unknown seller.

Webinar invite

What is Operational Alpha? A webinar on March 26th aims to find out!

We're hosting a room on Clubhouse on Mondays - come and join the conversation!

Six hands

How much can you lose by ticking the wrong box? In a classic “teachable moment” case, Citi has just set the bar at US$ 500 million.

Share price chart of GME

It’s not often that we see hedge funds getting blanket coverage over social media and mainstream media – but this week was an exception.

Z CLub logo

Last week, we were excited to dial in to the Z Club Annual Performance Review Session.

What’s Z Club, we hear you ask?

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Welcome to 2021! We have a few things in store for this year, which make it a special one…