Join the Club!

Join the Club!

Clubhouse is the hottest property in Silicon Valley right now, and racing up the app charts. It’s a forum where any member can set up a room, others can join them, and they can chat about anything. Literally chat – the rooms are audio-only and are not recorded.

Our founder Steve Bernstein loves to talk share his 30+ years of experience in the financial services industry, and he’s roped in our other founder, Anna Stephenson, to hold a Clubhouse chat every week or so, on a Monday. Our room is called “Boost Your Career in Finance” – also the name of one of our courses, which you can find here – and we’ll be discussing all things finance career-related.

We’re inviting our friends, from teachers at our hedge fund professional certification course (The Henley Executive Hedge Fund Program) to colleagues from investment banking, asset management and the rest of the finance industry. We’ll also be focussing on different topics in different sessions, so drop by regularly to see what we’re covering that week.

Anyone who’s a member of Clubhouse can join – you don’t have to be taking our hedge funds training. So whether or not you’re interested in working for a hedge fund, learning about how to navigate the financial careers jungle is open to you.

And if you don’t have a membership to Clubhouse yet – it’s invitation-only – get in touch with us – maybe we can help!