The Henley Executive Hedge Fund Program

Who Takes The Program?

The journey to creating the Henley Executive Hedge Fund Program began when the two founders were running a hedge fund administration company that specialized in start-up hedge funds. We found that most of the people who came to us saying they wanted to start their own fund knew an awful lot about how to manage money. But they knew very little about how to manage a company.

So the first students for our hedge fund courses were new hedge fund managers. We created the curriculum, along with Henley Business School, to teach the wannabe hedge fund managers about all the things they would need to understand in order to start their own business, like risk management, markets and trading, legal, compliance, technology, accounting, ethics, governance, business management and lots more.

Then, to our surprise, hedge fund service providers asked if they could attend – they wanted to learn more about their clients, and what their clients wanted. So we quickly gained lots of students from legal firms, accountants, technology companies, consultants and so on.

The third wave of students were people who already worked in finance, but who wanted to find a job in the hedge funds industry. For those people, the goal of taking the course was to learn about the industry, about the kinds of jobs that are available, and learn key hedge fund vocabulary (also known as jargon!).

The fourth type of students of the hedge fund program are people who already work in a hedge fund but want to boost their career by increasing their knowledge of the world around them.

And the last main type of student is the investor: people who are investing in hedge funds – or want to – but who don’t understand enough about what they are investing in. They are looking for hedge fund training so that they can do proper due diligence on their investments.

Attending this hedge fund certification program has really helped all these different types of people. So if you are looking to start a hedge fund, join a hedge fund trainingservice a hedge fund or invest in a hedge fund, sign up now for our hedge fund courses online – you’ll Learn From Experience!