Walid S. Chiniara

Walid S. Chiniara

Advisor to Business Families

The Henley Family Office Program

Walid S. Chiniara is an international finance lawyer, an activist, and a pioneer in the area of governance for family-controlled businesses.

After 15 exciting years practicing law across several jurisdictions, Walid spent the last 25 years serving families in business, looking to preserve and grow their Wealth in the hands of future generations.


He worked alongside a large number of iconic families from around the world, building family offices, managing conflict, and devising family-specific tools, tailored to address their needs and those of the NextGen family business entrepreneurs.


Over the years, he forged himself a reputation as the go-to person for mission impossible family business succession planning, and the 7-Step Methodology™ he has developed has been recognized by his peers as a game changer. For many, it has become the family business succession planning tool par excellence.


Recently, he decided it was time to scale back from full-time advisory work and to dedicate the next 25 years, in part, to advancing the science of governance for family businesses.


He intends to spend his free time conducting research, teaching, and supporting the NextGen family business Übermench looking to build something extra \ ordinary.