Here Comes the Year of the Tiger

Happy Lunar New Year Tiger


So 2022 snuck up on us like a Tiger – we didn’t see it coming until it already had its teeth into us, and here we are at the end of January already!


After the false hopes and then the disappointments of 2021, we are excited to enter a year that has the characteristics of courage and daring, energy and vigour, and strength…all of which seem like the attributes that we all need to get us back to “normal” life.


Our first bit of news for the year is that we’re planning to hold our first official networking event in London since 2019. We didn’t know at that buzzing event at Dickie’s Bar in Mayfair that it would our last get-together for over two years… Fingers crossed that by mid-March 2022 everyone (at least in the UK) will be excited to get back to meeting in person over drinks and nibbles. If you haven’t been to one of our events before, we look forward to meeting you there, particularly our new participants in the fully online courses (both the hedge fund course and the family office program ) – it’s hard to overstate how much benefit you can get by meeting others in the network in person. And for those of you who are loyal attendees – we’ve missed you and we’re so looking forward to seeing you again!  We’ll be welcoming members of the Family Office industry this time around in addition to our Hedge Fund regulars, so it should be a great opportunity for making new connections and enjoying good company. If you’ve been wavering a bit at getting back out into the swing of things, then why not dip your toe in with us – bring on that tiger courage!

More information as to the venue and date to follow shortly. All members of the IPI Career Network will automatically receive an invitation – if you’re not a member, sign up now at or drop us a line at


This time last year we were just setting up the IPI Career Network – and as of this month we’ve held 32 Speaker Series events and members of the IPI Career Network have access to recordings of 30 of those on demand. The videos include topics of specific interest to participants in the hedge fund course and the family office program – for example, we recorded two of the lectures that are included in the Henley Family office Program as webinars, and they are available to all members. But we have also added many more non-course specific talks, including our latest on the “Secrets of an International Master of Memory” where we learnt tips and tools for increasing our memory power. In the Year of the Tiger we’re looking forward to bringing you the experiences of a Police Officer turned Finance Executive, the latest on ESG for asset managers, and we’ll check in with Anand, who spoke to us when he started his fund last year, to see how things are progressing. We’re always open to finding out who you’d like to hear from, so drop us a line any time at to let us know your suggestions. 


2021 also saw a rise in roles available on our Jobs Board. As a key part of the career network, we love to match up vacancies with suitable candidates – so if you’re looking to hire, please get in touch and we’ll get your role listed, and if you’re looking for a new opportunity, check out the Jobs Board.  


Also in this Year of the Tiger, we’re looking forward to seeing more people demonstrate their “courage and energy” by joining the Mentoring program – both as Mentees and Mentors. Each pairing lasts for 3 months and is facilitated by our mentoring software. If you feel you have the experience to share and you want to help give back to your industry (if you’ve been working for 3 years or more, you definitely have enough to share with someone newer), or if you are looking for guidance in your career ahead (and you’re never too old to seek advice) then please get in touch with Lisa So at and we will do our utmost to connect you with a partner. The satisfaction to be derived from a mentoring-based relationship can be incredibly rewarding, and many relationships last for years after any formal part is finished.  


In 2021 we also rolled out our custom versions of the Henley Executive Hedge Fund Program and the Henley Family Office Program. In our custom versions, companies are able to access a private version of the programs, just for their own staff and/or clients. They can choose which of the modules they want in the customized program and can record a short introductory video by an executive. They can have management join as faculty members, and have their own logo on the sign-in screen and home page. Participants can enrol at any time, or the company can decide to put them through separate cohorts, who all take the program together. Having a custom cohort brings the advantage not only of education but also of team bonding, and it can span more than one location around the world, so geographically separate team members can share the experience across borders.  If you’ve taken either of the programs and think that they might be beneficial for more of your company colleagues, please do let us know!


See you all online or in person in the Year of the Tiger – let’s harness that energy and make the most of 2022!


For further information, please contact Lisa So at