Hedge Fund Fundamentals for Higher Financial Altitude


Hedge funds are one of the fastest-growing professions, with assets under management increasing almost six-fold since the late 1990s. Despite this popularity, there are still many finance professionals who are uncertain about the mechanics of this industry. 

The Henley Executive Hedge Fund Program presents all the management knowledge necessary to run a leveraged investment company. Filled with in-depth insights and expert advice, this program is an executive-level educational program for those who are exploring the launch of alternative investment strategies or moving into the hedge fund industry for the first time.

Starting Your Career In Hedge Funds

Starting your career in the hedge fund industry is not that easy. And one question that might strike you before registering with any hedge fund training school is the question, “Does this cover what I really need to know?” Thriving in the hedge fund industry requires a wide range of knowledge that will prepare you to tackle multiple complex problems. Managing the implementation of risk controls, growing assets, hiring and managing staff, implementing technology, and running the organization as a profitable business, while also producing positive performance, are just some of the challenging goals.

And that is the reason why hedge funds training is vital. Starting a hedge fund or taking a management role without having appropriate training is a disaster waiting to happen.

Study The Industry


  • Training and programs

Our hedge fund certification courses are the beginning of the journey. Take this introductory course to get a high-level understanding of everything you will need to know. This course is certified by IPI.  For those with more experience in the industry, our Hedge fund certification program allows individuals to learn both the fundamental aspects of managing the business and also the latest information and trends about the hedge fund industry. In addition, the practical wisdom of industry practitioners makes this course extremely beneficial to both students and alumni. Interactive webinars are available throughout the program and afterward to enhance your learning experience. This management program is certified by Henley Business School.

  • Get the certification

What comes after training and programs? It’s all about certification! Our Hedge fund professional certification is different from other training courses. How exactly? There are various programs that help you understand hedge fund strategies, asset allocation, trading and other technical areas of this industry; however, what they lack is practical details of how a hedge fund operates. The Henley Hedge Fund Program teaches you all aspects and functions of running a fund. Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from Henley Business School, one of an elite group of business schools to be triple-accredited for the quality and capability of their faculty and output.

Polish Your Credentials and Network

The Henley Executive Hedge Fund Program allows financial experts to polish their credentials, and to tap into the extensive industry network. 

Once you have become more knowledgeable about what the industry is and how funds work, as a fund founder it provides an excellent start for you to build your business plan and go out and attract investors. The wider your understanding, the better qualified and more attractive you’ll be.

The Bottom Line

Inflection Point Intelligence offers quality education, and attending the Henley Executive Hedge Fund Program can help you make valuable connections with individuals who may have significant industry positions or capital. Taking top tier training and joining the network is your best starting point. Check our Hedge Fund Professional Certification.