Z Club: Learning to Invest for the Long Term

Last week, we were excited to dial in to the Z Club Annual Performance Review Session.

What’s Z Club, we hear you ask?

Z Club is short for the Generation Z Investment Club,  a non-profit student investment club of 50+ students globally. The Club was founded in 2018, with a mission to help the next generation start their journey of becoming investors with a long-term mindset.

As part of the program, the club founders provide $5,000 capital to be managed by 6 teams (the “Endowment Program”). Each team comprises 3-4 university students. They manage highly-concentrated portfolios of public equity positions based on their own fundamental research. The investment process is designed to be collaborative and structured, as each investment must be discussed and agreed at an investment committee. The Club has members from 12 universities including NYU, Peking University, the London Busines School and Singapore Management University.

Like our hedge fund education at IPI, Z Club connects with its members through online modules. It also holds meet-the-manager sessions and an “Invest Your Life” trip. Club members have acquired knowledge about investing, made life-long friends, and achieved excellent investment returns (45.8% since inception in July 2019).

We’re very happy that the Club uses 10% of the investment returns from its student-run endowment, to give Gen Z Scholarships to Chinese students from low-income families to fund their university education. They scholars are also required to join Z Club to learn more about investing. We hope that joining Z Club will be a life-changing event for them.

The Club was founded by Shinya Deguchi and Tiffany Liu. Shinya, of Star Magnolia Capital, has been a friend of IPI’s for many years, and we’ve used his analyses of hedge fund frauds many times as materials for the Henley Executive Hedge Fund Program. Anyone doing hedge funds training should check out his in-depth analyses at https://www.being-diligent.com/


It’s great to be a part of a learning ecosystem beyond our IPI education courses, and we look forward to following the Z Club’s successful graduates as they embark on their investing careers!