How Does a Hedge Fund Really Work?

How Does a Hedge Fund Really Work?

by shankao

How does a Hedge Fund really work?

Many courses exist to help you understand hedge fund strategies, portfolio management, trading techniques etc.  But what they don’t cover is how a hedge fund actually works.

In this course, we help you to understand how hedge funds are structured, some popular strategies, who invests in them, who does what both internally and externally, technology aspects of running a fund, and lastly, what can go wrong.


The course will give you insights into the infrastructure, functions and roles in a fund and its interaction with its service providers. The estimated completion time is 90 minutes including 40 minutes of videos.

This is course features Anna Stephenson, Founding Partner at Inflection Point Intelligence Limited & Co-Founder of the Henley Executive Hedge Fund Program.


  • Characteristics of a Hedge Fund
  • Structure of a Hedge Fund
  • Popular Hedge Fund Strategies
  • Who Invests in Hedge Funds?
  • The Hedge Fund Ecosystem
  • Who Does What in a Hedge Fund?
  • Typical Technology Architecture
  • What Can Go Wrong?

Who will benefit from taking the program?

  • Career movers including those interested in moving from the sell side to the buy side
  • Service providers e.g. Banking, Risk, Compliance and IT professionals, Lawyers, Fund Administrators
  • New entrants to the HF industry who want to get up to speed quickly
  • Finance students who want to broaden their knowledge


Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from Inflection Point Intelligence.

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